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  • Laural Adams
    I recently hired Donna to teach social media to a group of communications professionals, all of whom had varying levels of social media knowledge and experience. Donna was able to quickly adjust to the group's needs and personalities, and everyone left the session with a deeper understanding of social media and practical knowledge to put this knowledge into action. It was clear in the time that we spent with her that not only was she knowledgeable about the subject matter she was teaching, but that she had taken the time to fully research our organization and industry and was able to talk to the issues that affected our team. Donna is extremely professional to work with, offers her services at a reasonable cost, and produces excellent results. I would recommend her both as an educator and as a communications professional.
    Laural Adams
    Dairy Farmers of Ontario
  • Pat Davies
    Donna is an experienced, knowledgeable and generous presenter. I would highly recommend her Hands-on Social Media workshop.
    Pat Davies
    Patricia Davies Communications
  • Roger Goodman
    Donna is an excellent communicator. She was a pleasure to work with as a freelance writer over many years. She has a special ability to take the complex and make it understandable and accessible for everyone. She was always organized and very thoughtful and considerate in all her interactions with our employees and other company stakeholders.
    Roger Goodman
    DuPont Canada
  • Diane Hemington
    Having Donna Papacosta as part of the YMCA of Oakville Communications Team is like being plugged into what is good and best in the communication world. Donna is professional, talented, knowledgeable, sensitive and always gets to the heart of the communication issue ... She was instrumental in the relaunch of our website - a website where hits have grown over 130% in less than two years. I highly recommend Donna Papacosta as a writer, editor, interviewer and as a communications expert who is truly on the leading edge.
  • Chris Herbert
    When I think about Donna these things comes to mind: quality, value and thoughtfulness. Quality in the form of the podcasts and copywriting she has produced for me and clients. Value in what she gives to me through our professional relationship and thoughtful in that she is always willing to help. A true professional in every sense of the word.
    Chris Herbert
    MI6 Agency
  • Lura Flynn
    We are so impressed and pleased with the work that Donna did to engage the audience at our conference.
    Lura Flynn
    Autodesk Inc.
  • Mitch Joel
    Donna rocks. Insightful, passionate and dedicated ... Donna has one of the best voices in podcasting and is able to distill business concepts in simple and pleasurable ways.
    Mitch Joel
    Twist Image / Mirum
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