Donna Papacosta of Trafalgar Communications has been podcasting since 2005 and working in audio even longer. Do you need help getting started in podcasting? Or improving your existing podcast?

Here are some of the podcasting services we offer:

Podcasting consulting
Should a podcast be part of your content marketing strategy? A consulting session will help you answer that question. If you decide to proceed, we can advise on your podcast theme, content and production.

Podcasting evaluation/critique service
If you’re already podcasting, our podcasting evaluation service will help you improve your podcast content and production values.

Podcast scripting services
A well-scripted and effective introduction, as well as a call to action, can polish your podcast, make it sound more professional, and help you achieve your podcasting goals.

Podcast production services
We can produce your podcast from start to finish, including recording interviews in person or remotely, editing, voiceover, mixing and final production.

Conference podcasting services
We offer a complete service to help you plan and produce pre-conference podcasts and podcasts of conference proceedings. We can also assist you in using social media tools to promote and produce your event.

Voiceover and Webinar services
Do you want a warm, professional voice for your multimedia project? Whether you need an introduction for your podcast or narration for your video, we can help with both scripting and performance.

If you’re running a Webinar, why not use a professional communicator with a pleasing voice to welcome attendees, introduce speakers and moderate questions and answers?

For 10 years, Donna Papacosta has been helping clients to make their multimedia projects and webinars sound more professional and inviting. To hear Donna, listen to the podcasts on this page.

Contact Donna Papacosta to book a no-obligation consultation today.

Listen to our podcasts about podcasting

Many of the Trafcom News Podcasts are about podcasting. Feel free to download and listen right here.

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